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This past October, Crystal Courier Service was featured in a presentation at the Parcel Forum in Chicago.  One of the largest optical distributors in the U.S. presented on how they save money and increase customer satisfaction using Crystal Courier Service as an integral part of their delivery solution.  Following are some data points taken from that presentation.  We hope you will consider this information and give us a call.  We can do for you what we’ve done for dozens of optical distributors from around the country and around the globe- provide better service for less money.

Cost Savings

Shipping is the second largest cost center for most direct merchants, with labor being number-one (Spaide, Kuipers & Co.).

Most US-based shippers overspend by an average of 13% each year on their shipping costs. The average overspent remained similar regardless of shipping volume and geographic location (2011 Shipping overspend Study By Andersen, Beecroft and Zhou).

Accessorial fees (fuel surcharges, return charges, residential charges, and other hidden costs) can amount up to 40% of the total shipping invoices (various reports).  At Crystal Courier, there are no accessorial fees, no hidden-costs, no surprises.


63% of shoppers want a return service.  Because of consolidation, couriers offer return service at cheaper cost than UPS/ FedEx and processing (particularly for your clients) is easier to handle.


Using Crystal Courier Service, our shippers report that Customer Inquiries (tracking requests) are less than 0.06% of their total shipments and their On Time Delivery Rate is: 98.4%

Attention to Detail/ Niche Markets

Because Crystal Courier Service focuses on niche markets, we can serve you and your clients like no other.  We know your business and what your clients need from a delivery service.  We cater to these markets and, as a result, our service is top notch and cost-effective.

Customer Service

Customer service is responsive, flexible, and proactive.  When you use Crystal Courier Service, you speak directly with our staff on the ground, not a call center or remote/ mobile office.  We can address issues immediately and professionally, and pride ourselves on communicating effectively and solving issues promptly.


Nothing is more important to us than the relationships we build with our clients.  We work every day to earn your business.  No contracts, no hustle, just good, hard working people doing their best to serve you.  With over 60 years in the courier business, we know that the relationships we have with our clients are everything.  Being a family business means more to us than third generation ownership, it means that everyone we serve is a part of our family and we treat them with the same respect and care we would afford our own.

We provide delivery services for the entire front range of Colorado- which comprises of 90% of the state’s population- and the greater Albuquerque area in New Mexico.  We are in over 400 optical retailers every day.  We interface with UPS and FedEx every morning, scan and sort your incoming work, and deliver it the same day.  Please give us a call today to learn what we can do for you.


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