Dental Lab Delivery

Our top priority is the same as yours:
Taking Excellent Care Of Your Dentists

With Crystal Courier, your can trust that the delivery service you’re sending to your dentists will be:


Our established routes will assure that we will be in your lab within the same 30 minute time window each day. Similarly, you can tell your dentists what time to expect us and trust that we will be there.


You will know your driver and our driver will know the specific needs of your lab and dentists’ offices.


We will create an easy to use system customized to your lab to save you time on preparing your delivery work. You won’t need to pull a tech off the bench or stop working yourself. Our driver will deliver/pickup from your lab and dentists’ offices without interrupting anyone’s work.

Cost Effective:

We are not only price competitive with other couriers, We are price competitive with what it’s costing you to send an in-house employee (even your own driver) to your dentists. Most of our clients tell us they save between 30-40% over running their own drivers. Click HERE (hyper link to “cost of Driver” sheet) to find out what it’s costing you to run your own driver.


With over 60 years in the delivery business and hundreds of happy customers every day, we do everything we can to serve. Because our staff is made up of full-time employees, they are accountable and reliable members of our team. Our drivers are uniformed and drive company-owned and maintained vehicles.


We will work with you to determine what the best delivery schedule is for you. Together, we will decide how often you would like us to come by your lab to guarantee you a turn around that works for the flow of your lab while saving you money on your delivery costs. We can also provide lock boxes for offices that are often closed or keep irregular hours.

Rush Work:

Call us for custom quotes


Package Delivery - International Courier

Your customers will feel like they are working with a local lab.

We interface directly with major overnight shippers (UPS/ FedEx) multiple times a day. We can pick up your work in the morning and have it delivered to each of your dentists that SAME DAY.

This will give you SIGNIFICANT SAVINGS over shipping directly to each dentist while adding the benefits of Colorado’s best dental delivery service.

Your dentists already know and trust us. Find out why!

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